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Year of the Bible is a global campaign to see more people in the Bible, more. The campaign is mobilizing individuals and churches to declare, engage, and create in response to the most influential book in history.

Year of the Bible is a coalition effort put on by many churches and organizations. The main organizing ministry is The Table Coalition, which exists to catalyze partnership within the American church so that more people can know Jesus.

Currently, more than a dozen national ministries are part of a core team speaking into Year of the Bible efforts. Beyond this, thousands of churches, ministries, and individuals are adopting and making Year of the Bible their own. Over 100 nations are involved.

Yes! Year of the Bible isn’t bound to a specific calendar year. During the year 2020 we are rallying leaders around this effort, however the Year of the Bible is the year in your life when the Bible became foundational to everything else. We want to see as many people as possible experience the Bible in a deep and profound way in 2020. You can start that any day, any year.

We believe tens of thousands will be impacted through Year of the Bible, and we hope this ripple effect continues for a lifetime. To help individuals engage the Bible in a deep and meaningful way, we’ve created, a simple way to commit to one year of Bible engagement, no matter when you begin.

No registration is necessary. If you share your email address with us, we’ll share with you some of our favorite resources and tools for engaging the Bible this year. However, no registration is necessary. The Year of the Bible is about your choice to allow the Bible to inspire and change you more than ever before.

We have many opportunities for people to be involved. It all starts with you choosing to engage the Bible more than ever before. You can find resources to help you do this on We also have a Leader’s Portal for those who are part of leading local churches or ministries, and Prayer Guides to equip you to stand alongside this campaign in prayer. Finally, we have a number of events happening across the nation where we would love to connect with you further!

Thank you for helping us spread the word! Spread the word about Year of the Bible with the hashtag #YearoftheBible! If you're looking for other resources, check out the Leader's Portal page.

We have a number of summits happening across the nation in 2020. You can find those on our Events page. If you’re interested in hosting a summit in your city, there is a request form you can fill out!

One of our hopes is to see many churches adopt their own expression of Year of the Bible. We’ve created a sermon guide and resources specifically for churches to help them share Year of the Bible with their people. You can find those on our Resources page.

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